Elevating Your Inventory Management Process

Service, Consistency, and Integrity

Elevating Your Inventory Management Process

Service, Consistency, and Integrity

We excel at providing the services you need most, but don’t have the time or resources to manage. Working closely with your internal team, our representatives will help determine the best ways to maximize our involvement while minimizing the time you spend on non-core activities.


The supply chain is one of the most costly and difficult areas for businesses to manage. A kink in one link of the chain causes a bottleneck to everything farther down the line. SCI forges the links when they manage your inventory.


Our customized solutions meet your unique needs. SCI works with you to determine the best process for ordering, in-stock needs, turnaround time, restocking, and more. We take away all that busy work; relieve that burden from you. We provide the products and perform inventory management of the products you order.


Our onsite representatives ensure that you have the products you need AS you need them. We warehouse your products for Just-In-Time delivery. SCI empowers your business to REDUCE OR ELIMINATE many
inventory issues:

  • Products lost to scrap from damage in the warehouse
  • Stock outs and shortages
  • Expediting and ordering costs due to a stock out situation
  • Inventory space and carrying costs

Consolidated Purchasing

Eliminate the hassles of ordering from numerous vendors. Let SCI identify ways to streamline purchasing and manage the process for you. To make purchases much simpler, you pay a single invoice.

Trilateral Inventory Services

SCI services not only what we sell, but whatever you buy from wherever you buy it. Allow us to service the products you buy from other companies - forging that missing link in your supply chain.

Emergency Delivery

SCI helps you through those unseen emergencies. When production orders outpace planning, or when a customer doubles their order at the last minute… SCI is here for you – with the products you need, when you need them. We’re small enough to adapt to fluctuating needs, yet big enough to get the job done right.

Personalized Customer Service

Forget navigating through automated voice prompts. Your call is always answered by a live person ready to help you solve your problems. Customer service is the heart of our business. That's the way you want it. That's the way we do it.

Expert Field Representatives

SCI provides the high-frequency personal touch that your business demands. We’re there before you need us. Inventory Service Representatives work closely with each customer to ensure we have the expertise necessary to meet your needs. That’s our experience working to your advantage.

Work With Our Inventory Specialists

We’re prepared for unpredictable circumstances and always have the resources needed on-hand. This allows us to keep your facility, equipment, and production continuously operating. Reach out to us and let’s discuss your business requirements.